Sunday, September 27, 2015


I'm just yelling "NO" inside my head right now.
Tigerlypaws from AJS first (Although apparently she returned), then Cloudclaws, now Mel. This is turning out to be a year where EVERY AJ BLOGGER is quitting or at least half-quitting. But NO! NO! If you people don't care about this, i'm sorry, but I needed to post this for some apparent reason.

D:  D:  D:  D:  D:  :,(  :,(  :,(  :,(  :,(

P.S.  Just so you know, just because lots of other bloggers are leaving, IT DOES NOT INFLUENCE MY BLOG! I will NOT be quitting anytime soon! I have big plans for my blog this year, actually, since I'm getting more viewers! So don't leave meh and just remember i'm not gonna be quitting for quite a while! :)


  1. actually, sorry, I thought you were talking about Tigerlypaws leaving again, I already knew Mel left. Practically all the AJ bloggers have left or don't post daily (your an exception though)

  2. I know right! And lol, yeah, I post a bit more often then I planned, but sometimes i'm busy with school (bleh), so yeah, I don't have time on Tuesdays and such.


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